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Shower Heads Sydney

Shower heads are that part of the bathroom that often get overlooked. Many people spend months planning a bathroom remodel only to quickly choose a basic shower head. A shower head can not only complete the overall look of a bathroom, but shower heads also provide a certain ambience to the bath. When you step into your shower each day you can enjoy a variety of different shower head styles. Some are designed to provide a light rain-like effect. Some people prefer a much harder stream of water that functions as a massaging shower head.

If you are redesigning your bathroom or you simply are in the market for a brand-new shower head in Sydney, take some time to truly look at the various options that are available to you in our store. There are many different shower heads that you can choose from. Think about the style and finish that will match your existing décor in the rest of the bathroom. You can also think about functionality. Pick something that you will enjoy using. There are options that provide more than just a typical shower. You can utilize a standard shower head over the shower area. Connected to that is a secondary handheld unit. This is great for people who need extra assistance bathing or showering. If you have any questions regarding the shower heads that we have on our website, then you can contact us today. We will help you make the selection process easier so that you find something you will love.


We will exchange or accept the shower head if returned in unused and new condition. Used or broken showerheads cannot be accepted. We only provide warranty on new showerheads.

Yes, the showerhead can move in all directions. You can also opt for a square or round showerhead based on your requirements. The showerheads move 360 degrees and are designed to enhance your bathing experience.

It is straightforward to clean a clogged showerhead. You can use a baking soda or white vinegar solution to clean the clogged holes of the showerhead. Bathroom Centre has an exceptional range of showerheads in Sydney.

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